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『Love・・・』 One of the ultimate "Love"as human.There are various shape of love. I experienced a shape of deep love in the school of India a lot of times.

The girl on the right side of the photo who Rakshita is 19 year old. She is very beautiful so she is popular from boys. She gives a queer voices,but don't speak something words. Sometimes becomes very sensitive and feel sad. But how her sorrow,not shed tears..she gives sad queer voices.

One morning,Rakshita was very sad. At that time, Vidhya was singing a song and hold her hand naturally.she is on the middle of the photo. I was lost some words. It was a beautiful moment. By the way Rakshita cry and gives queer voices when she feels happy.

All people different that means of expression. Definition of love is different each human. It can be said that in common..

『True love..there is no calculation never there』 I want to be a kindly person like them too.  『愛・・・』



1番右の女の子は19歳 ラクシータ彼女はとても美人で男の子達から人気がある。奇声は上げるが言葉は話さない、時々彼女はとてもセンシティブになり、悲しんでいることもある。彼女は悲しい時、涙を流さず奇声を上げる。





私も彼らのような優しい人間でありたい 。

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