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world letter exchange English site


Let’s Connect with Children around the world.

There is no border in between children. There is no border in the clear sky.

How can we get connected more, how can we share the compassion and love with more people?

We have something important to do now.

We have something we can we do now.

In 2020 when we were facing the turbulent and challenging situation, the world was getting affected and transformed by many reasons now. This project around the world were starting at the time we had to think seriously about "our life – how to live".

This project "One Love" is for children around the world to be friends with each other,It's the original, "Letter Exchange".


This project is created by Nana who is the representative 'BLISSWORKOUT' with her worldwide friends. Nana has been traveling around the world over 23 countries since 2009 with her tools of dance and yoga specially caring for women and children living in any environment.

The schools were closed in many countries due to the world situation, but at such times, we need to expand the view of the world,We wish that we can make deep connections in the world, share the joy while making a hand-made origami letter.

. . .

In this era, it is easy to watch anything on movies available online.

However, by exchanging the letters, we can feel the energy from the words of each language and get excited when you get the letters. And that will be remain as a treasure.

Let's share the feelings with friends around the world!



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